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Lucknow Girls Photo

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, has been developed along the banks of the river Gomti. The city, Awadh and Uttar Pradesh, fell to the British during the imperialist era. Today, Lucknow littered with remnants of its rich cultural past.

Lucknow Beautiful Girls Photo

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Lucknow is also known for its excellent cuisine prepared and embroidery or shadow work fine muslin cloth Chikankaari.

Lucknow Beautiful Girls Photo

Lucknow is a historically important city for many centuries was the center of the North Indian culture.

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The ancient history of Lucknow is full of mystries and popular sayings. Lucknow is popularly assumed that derives its name from Lakshman also known as Lakhan. Lakshman, the younger brother of Rama, the greatest hero of Suryawanshi kshatriya clan of India. Ram ordered Lakshman to a new city near Ayodhya to determine.

Lucknow Beautiful Girls Photo

The people of Lucknow are among the warmest and friendliest people in India. They are known as very soft spoken and treating guests as gods. The place has a rich cultural heritage and is known as the city of Nawabs.

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